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Midstate Material Handling Specializes In:

  • Vacuum Lifters and Overhead Cranes.
  • Vacuum Lift Toolings, (suction cup assemblies), for standard product types and custom built toolings to lift unique products.
  • Overhead Cranes, Bridge Cranes and/or Jib Cranes sized and built to fit your application and to fit your facility.
  • We design the entire system – WE INSTALL THE ENTIRE SYSTEM – We do the installations ourselves, no subcontractors-no temporary employees
  • Excellent References – Check out our reputation
  • Call us or use our contact form and ask for a video of some of our systems at work.
Vacuum Lifts, Vacuum Lifters, Vacuum Hoists, Vacuum Grippers. We have an established track record of success designing complete systems and installation of complete systems that your workers will want to use. (Learn More..)

Beech MATERIALIFE VCR Material Lifts

Bishamon Vision Series
Bishamon® EZ-Loader™
Designed to automatically raise and lower pallets during loading or unloading and allow easy rotation so the worker does not have to reach or strain. (More Info)
Bishamon® Vision Series™
Designed from the ground up, Vision lifts incorporate design features that provide unequaled quality, performance and safety. Vision lifts increase productivity and reduce worker strain in today's harsh industrial environments. (More Info)
Mobile Tilter

Skid Lift


The Bishamon Mobile Tilter positions Totes, Gaylords, and other types of assembly parts containers, upwards and tilts them toward the worker to eliminate the bending over and stretching that used to be required as the container became more and more empty. Available in both narrow and straddle versions, the mobile tilter even gives you mobility to move your container around. (More Info) The Bishamon Skid Lift acts as a work-positioning tool and is typically used in manufacturing environments, to lift containers of assembly parts up to a more comfortable level for the workers. The Skid Lift can be thought of as a pallet jack, but with more vertical lift. The units come with either a manual hydraulic lift, or electric lift, along with Standard Outside Fork Widths of either 20 ½ or 27. (More Info) Bishamon® Lift2k™
The Lift2k represents a great value while backed by Bishamon's high quality and engineering. (More Info)

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